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About us

My family and I are native born inhabitants of Montepulciano for generations. My father had been always in love with this villa ever since he was a young man. For him, Montorio had the most impressive vista he had ever seen in the area. So when it went up for sale in 1996 he bought it. Finally having Montorio in his possession, his original idea was to pass his retirement, spending his days reading a book in the garden stopping every so often to admire and contemplate the incredible beauty of the place.

Children have an enormous power that can alter their parents lives. After completing my university studies in economics and banking I soon realized that working for an investment firm was not for me. My family having a deep faith in me gave me a great opportunity. So with a passion I started to take my first steps in the field of hospitality. Today receiving guests is my work and above all my life. I love what I do and I always try to give my very best to my guests, welcoming them as if they were friends of the family and with my knowledge of the area I try to elicit ideas on ways to enjoyment and discovery. With sensitivity I try to meet up with their expectations with the aim of making them live an experience that they will remember for years to come.

My desire is that my guests get to know Tuscan life like a true Tuscan, become immersed in our culture and truly experience the authentic and unique aspects of this beautiful part of Tuscany. Here, where the life of every day is simple, silence is magic and life follows the rhythms of nature; where it is natural to stop and contemplate a beautiful view for hours that soothes the soul and the spirit.